Presentations, Workshops, and Visits


Author-y Talks

Making Informational Writing GLOW

From idea to the research process, through revision and choosing a writing structure, I share how Glow: Animals with Their Own Nightlights became a book.

The Ears, Eyes, Nose, and Whiskers of a Story

Where do author’s ideas come from? How do you work with an illustrator? How does a story become a book? My path to publication with Malcolm at Midnight and its sequel, Malcolm Under the Stars.

Wisconsin History Tour: Dr. Kate: Angel on Snowshoes

How a Boston socialite became the only doctor in northwestern Wisconsin in the first half of the 20th century.

Follow That Food Chain: A Who-Writes-What Adventure

Highlights and strategies in writing and researching a 12-book series on animals, habitats, and food chains. Complete with animal trivia games and food web activities.


Writing Workshops for Kids

The Care and Keeping of Your Writer’s Notebook

I’ve kept a writer’s notebook of sorts since I was 10. How do you set one up? What goes in it? How do you watch the world like a writer? I’ll bring my notebooks to share as inspiration, then students will start filling theirs with some beginning writing activities (grades 3-12).

Creature Feature

I got the idea for the Malcolm books because I couldn’t believe all the incredible things rats could do! (Seriously, they have SUPERPOWERS.) In this workshop, students choose an animal to research, then create a fictional character based on their research (grades 3-8).

Fact is Stranger than Fiction

An adaptations of the “Creature Feature” workshop, only we don’t limit ourselves to animals. How to use the research process to find ideas in science and history and turn them into stories (fiction or nonfiction) (grades 5-12).


Talks for Grown-Up Professionals

Read like a Writer

Learn about new children’s books to use in your classroom to model writing and reading strategies, like the Notice and Note signposts and the Six Traits.

Becoming the Writer You Want Your Students to Be

Always thought you wanted to write? Put your pen to paper and get started in this adult workshop.

Writing’s a Mystery, or, Mystery Writing

All stories need suspense and tension. But how to keep your readers intrigued, but not confused? This interactive presentation will give you ideas on plotting your own story–whether it be a mystery or not.

Online Research Tools for Writers

So you’ve got an idea for a book, but you need more information? From the Library of Congress to your local public library, there are amazing FREE research resources out there, waiting for you to tap into them from your computer at home. Learn what they are and how to employ smart research strategies that will get you what you need to know.

Mining Local History for Story Nuggets

Make your writing come alive by weaving in real-life details from the places and people around you.


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