Follow That Food Chain: a Who-Eats-What Adventure series

Watch out for those dead ends!

An interactive, nonlinear nonfiction series about food webs in different habitats. After reading about an animal, you choose what it eats. Your choices weave a route through the habitat’s food web. But pay attention–you may end up where you never expected to be.

Habitats/Books in the Series

Temperate Forest | Coral Reef | Arctic Tundra | Mangrove Forest | Rain Forest | Cloud Forest | Savanna | Australian Outback | Nile River | Estuary | Galapagos | Desert


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Written as Rebecca Hogue Wojahn, with Donald Wojahn




“The interconnections created by the choices effectively illustrate the complexity of food webs while providing information about the plants and animals that form the components. Lively, engaging writing helps…entice a broad audience to learn about life in unfamiliar places.” —School Library Journal

“This bright colorful book will attract young readers. The format will hold the reader’s interest as he or she moves through the book following the notes. This is a great way to teach about the importance of food chains.” —Donald Logsdon, Jr., National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Recommends

“It’s no coincidence that the food “chain” bordering most of the interior spreads resembles a game board. In fact, each volume in the Follow That Food Chain series is organized like a nonfiction choose-your-own adventure game…most will enjoy this unique interactive method.” —Booklist

“Readers will learn about much more than food chains as they work their way through these texts. The two books in this series that I reviewed were thoughtfully planned and dense with information. Students in the upper elementary grades are sure to be intrigued and excited about this interactive format. Highly recommended.” —The Miss Rumphius Effect

Honors and Awards

A Science Grades K-6 Honor Book from the Society of School Librarians International