Malcolm Under the Stars

After a year’s worth of broken windows, leaky pipes, and now, faulty wiring (really, Malcolm didn’t mean to cause most of those!), the school board is considering closing Malcolm's aging school. Are there some things that are too big even for the Midnight Academy’s paws?


ISBN-13: 9780544392670 (hardcover) | 978-0544813120 (paperback)

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" . . . a tale featuring unusually rich thematic underpinnings and a small protagonist with both “hero brain” and “hero heart.” — Booklist

" . . . Malcolm’s ponderings on the nature of revenge, compassion, loss, and friendship are seamlessly woven into the plot . . . Welcome back, Malcolm.” —Kirkus

" . . . Twists and turns abound, including a forgotten time capsule, buried treasure, secret codes, and hidden identities . . . satisfying and illustrates that the world can’t always be divided into black and white.” —School Library Journal

Read Malcolm's first adventure!