Evan Early

I stretch my hand out to touch Evan Early’s tiny one. His dandelion stem fingers curl around mine.”

Evan Early

Written as Rebecca Hogue Wojahn
Illustrated by Ned Gannon
32 pages, Ages 3-7
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About the Book

Natalie’s happy anticipation of the birth of her brother turns to worry and confusion when he is born prematurely. To help ease her mind, Natalie’s father gives her a calendar to color in the days as they wait for Evan to come home.

Why I Wrote This Story

Although I’ve never had a child born prematurely, there’s a lot of me in this book. Both my kids have had health complications where the outcomes were unknown. Like Natalie, all I could do was wait.

When one of my friends had her baby very early, I wanted to give her older son something to help him understand. Being a librarian, I immediately thought of a book. But there wasn’t a lot out there that was very current. So I decided to try writing one myself.