I’m the author of humorous middle grade mysteries, like Malcolm at Midnight and  Malcolm Under the Stars, and nonfiction picture books, like Glow: Animals with Their Own Night-Lights.

I split my time between writing books for kids and reading and recommending them as an elementary school librarian in Wisconsin. I also love teaching writing and visiting other schools when I can.


More specifically . . .

As a kid growing up in Wisconsin, my dad teased me constantly that I would be a librarian someday. That’s because I read all the time—walking home from school, while brushing my teeth, under the table at dinnertime, and under the covers at night. But librarianhood sounded deadly dull to me. I wanted to be something exciting, like an author or an artist.

But, dads know best, and, sure enough, after earning an elementary teaching degree from the University of Wisconsin, I went on to get a master’s degree in information studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I didn’t give up on the dream of a glamorous life as an author (!), however, and now I count myself lucky that I get to do both every day.

I still live and read in Wisconsin, but these days I share my books with a husband (also a librarian), two reader sons, and a sneaky dog (who doesn’t read, but IS too smart for her own good). By day, I talk books, learn new things, and play on the computer as an elementary school librarian. And early in the mornings, late at nights, and in between kids’ sports practices, I write.

My writing is represented by Linda Pratt at the Wernick & Pratt Agency.

And finally . . .12 things to know about me, in case you are ever in a very obscure trivia contest about librarian-writers:

  • Despite being a librarian, I am secretly a disorganized person.
  • I like to draw.
  • I also write books under the name Rebecca Hogue Wojahn. Guess which one is a pen name?
  • I am convinced that I am a supertaster. Growing up, my mom called it being a picky eater.
  • I use too many parentheses, ellipses, and em dashes in my writing. (Ask my editors.)
  • Even though my dad was an eye doctor, I flunked my fourth grade vision screening. Like, really flunked it. I couldn’t see the biggest “E.”
  • My dog’s name is Clem. She loves to keep me moving.
  • I am a fan of caramel apples, sunflowers, fresh pineapple, smart wool socks, and dusk. But who isn’t?
  • I am left-handed. Furthermore, I once worked in a library where five of the seven librarians were left-handed. Seven out of seven of us found this wildly interesting.
  • I am always running late. See the first item on this list.
  • I’ve never owned anything pink on purpose. (Although there IS pink on this website. I’m dealing with that.)
  • I love lists.