Well, hello.

A whole YEAR since I’ve  updated this site? Yikes.

You know those lists of  top life stressors? Well, in the past year, I’ve ticked of quite a few of those life events. Some good (new job! kid leaving for college! travel!), and some crummy (serious illness, family health emergencies, politics).

What does all this have to do with you, reader of my website? Well, it means I have nothing to update here. I’ve written virtually nothing this past year. I keep thinking that once I’m through Current Major Life Event, I’ll have time to start up again. But then another thing crops up. And another. And what I’m slowly realizing is, that this is what life IS – a long running list of Major Life Events, some good, some crummy. It’s up to me to slow down and insert the day-to-day stuff. Otherwise, there will never be time for it.

So, look for a winter update in a couple months. I hope to share with you then that, despite exciting/crummy stressful Life Events, books were read, the piano was played, my drawing notebook filled, and new stories are being written, a page at a time.

Furthermore, I hope that when we check in next, you’ve taken the time to insert the little things that make you happy into your busy Life Events.

Happy fall,

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