Fall update: book festivals, glorious sunrises, and back to school

Quick sunrise run before a day of inspiration and learning with my writerly kin. #WISCBWI16 #nofilter

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated here – happy fall!

I’ve been working hard, mostly on school and family stuff, though. After sending four projects out into the world this summer, my writing has slowed (as it always does) with the start of the school year. I’m struggling, frankly, to find a balance between writing, librarianing, parenting, and taking care of myself. However, I’m pushing to finish up a draft of one of the projects – another middle grade novel. If you want to follow along, I post my daily progress to Twitter. (And please do; I need all the encouragement I can get!)

October found me at the local Chippewa Valley Book Festival, as well as soaking up my own new learning at the Wisconsin Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators conference. I came away from both with lots of inspiration (see that sunrise pic above – WOW). Now to translate it all into some Butt-in-Chair time.

In other news, Malcolm at Midnight won the Crown Award from the National Christian Schools Association, and Glow: Animals with Their Own Night-Lights has been nominated to three state children’s choice reading awards. Thanks, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Connecticut!

And finally, I wouldn’t be a good librarian (or author!) if I didn’t leave you with some book suggestions. Here are a few I’ve enjoyed lately that I’m looking forward to sharing with students.

book recommendationsCLICK HERE TO START by Denis Markell
An action-acked mystery involving World War II, puzzles, and video games.

Beautiful retelling of a Aztec legend.

GHOST by Jason Reynolds
A powerful story of a troubled middle schooler yearning to be a track star, full of heart and humor and tears. Can’t wait for the rest of this series.

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Happy reading!