Why All Children’s Book Authors Should Also Be School Librarians

sliceoflifeThis summer, I promised myself I would write for fun sometimes, too. And then, I came across the “Slice of Life” challenge. You can read about it more here, but basically you writing about a tiny event—a slice of life—each week on Tuesdays. Then you link up and comment, etc. 

I haven’t exactly done that linking up part yet (baby steps), but…I will. Eventually. In the meantime, I’m having so much fun writing these, I’m going to keep going. Here’s my slice for this week. 

Malcolm fans in my libraryDo you know what the best thing is about being a school librarian AND a children’s book author?

It’s when your two worlds collide.

Like when you open a box of new books and three copies of your book are right on top, and the fifth graders who are in for recess helping you out swarm over, calling out “Mine! Mine!” like those seagulls in Finding Nemo.

Or when you are booktalking the state award nominees and you get to your book, and the whole class spontaneously applauds. Which makes you a little teary.

Or when a writer/librarian friend at another school calls–at just the right moment, because you’re having an iPad conundrum and feeling overwhelmed and defeated–to say how much she is enjoying your story.

Or when a fourth grade class, for whom you have an entirely different lesson planned out, instead asks so many questions about your book (because the 3rd grade teachers read the first one to them the year before), that you toss everything out the window, grab your copy, and share it with them.

Or when one of the above said fifth grade helpers brings the book back, THE VERY NEXT DAY, grinning. “I finished! I loved it!” And hugs it a little before handing it back to you.

All of these happened to me last week. And I wish every writer could experience them. Because there is something very special about kids you know reading your book.

And now, I realize this is more like a handful of slices from last week.


But boy…were they sweet.

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