October 2013

Authorly News

Malcolm continues to scamper his way onto some state children’s choice reading lists. Latest spotting–West Virginia. He’s in good company there!

I don’t think I shared this before, but I loved this book list from, well, Booklist, on animal detectives in kid lit:

Sniffing Out Clues: 12 Children’s Mysteries Solved by Animal Detectives.

Malcolm, Brian Lies, and I are featured in the most recent issue of Rodent Reader Quarterly, which is a super cute magazine devoted to pet rats. You can friend their Facebook page here. Also, the editor/author named her new pet rat Midnight, after…yes, Malcolm! I love that.

Rodent Reader 2-13D
Look! Malcolm and Midnight are twins!

Coming Up

I’ll be at four (4!!) different elementary schools this Friday as part of the Chippewa Valley Book Festival. But I’m even more excited about attending some of the events. You should definitely check out their line-up of authors!

Reading Notes

I have been squeezing every extra minute into writing time this last month. But an author’s got to read a little, too. Here are some of my favorites from this last month.

October Favorites

The Fire in Fiction: Passion, Purpose and Techniques to Make Your Novel Great
A Big Guy Took My Ball!
Vampirina Ballerina Hosts a Sleepover
Seeing Red





Finally, I was answering some reader mail the other day in which I was asked for some book suggestions for readers who loved Malcolm. This seemed like a really good idea that, as a librarian, I should have already done. So now I have a “ratty read alikes” list on my Malcolm webpage…and here. Enjoy!

Ratty Read Alikes*

Gregor the OverlanderMrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMHThe Tale of DespereauxHow to Save Your Tail*:Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking RatNightshade CityRedwallThe Wind in the WillowsThe Cricket in Times SquareCharlotte's WebPoppyThe Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens of a Tale
*Not all these books star rats. Some, in fact, star mice. I hope you’ll still read them.