Malcolm’s Big Day!

It’s finally here! Both the first day of school AND the release of MALCOLM AT MIDNIGHT! Whew! That’s a lot of excitement around our house.

Last night, after getting in from the cabin and labeling school supplies, filling out forms, and packing up backpacks, we realized that we were missing a couple key items, so we headed out for a late-night run to Target. I asked if we could swing by our local Books a Million, so, at 8:47, we raced in, swooped in on the children’s chapter books, squealed when we saw the yellow-orange pencil of MALCOLM’s spine, took a quick picture, and sprinted back out. I’m sure everyone in the store thought we were nuts. But the best part was as we were jogging back out to the car: my youngest said, “You finally did it, Mom!”

I had to hug him right there on the spot.



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