Heart of a Child Interview

Are you familiar with the Children’s Literature Network? If you’re a writer, illustrator, book seller, or kids’ librarian, you should definitely check it out.

Friend, author, children’s lit scholar and enthusiast Rob Reid writes a great blog (among many other things) called Heart of a Child for them. Rob asked me a few questions about my book a little while back. If you are interested in how many drafts MALCOLM went through, if there are any secret nods to my hometown in the story, why I use a pen name, or the best 10 minutes to read aloud to students, you can find all this and more in his post here: http://www.childrensliteraturenetwork.org/magazine/heart-of-a-child/2012/07/read-alouds-malcolm-at-midnight-5-questions-for-rebecca-hogue-wojahn-aka-w-h-beck/.