Malcolm’s First Review, Lake Superior, and a Blast from the Past: Friday Five

Hey! It’s Friday again! How the weeks do fly in summer. Some updates…

1) Malcolm got his first professional review from Kirkus this week, and WHEW it’s a nice one! Favorite snippets include (I don’t think I’m supposed to quote it all), “a breathless, exciting tale of adventure, danger, betrayal, twists and surprises,” “clever and sometimes hilarious asides,” “meditations on the nature of power and friendship are subtly and seamlessly woven in,” and “a rip-roaring tale; even rodent haters will have to like Malcolm.”

2) In other writing news, I got a notice from Highlights for Kids this week. My story “Racing the Beast” will be in the February 2013 issue. I’ve sold a few things to Highlights, but I’ve never had them actually print one. This one I sold…um, five years ago? The story was inspired by my many, MANY early morning school bus chases.

3) I’ve finally found the voice for New Novel. Love this part of writing. It’s like when you reading a really good book and you can’t wait to get back to it. Thanks to my Sleuths, Spies, & Alibis bud, Kristen Kittscher for some daily nudging to get me going.

4) We’ve been up north (yes, there’s an “up north” even to Wisconsinites) this week. Bayfield and Madeline Island, to be specific, with cousins and family. Lots of laughs, ice cream, and hiking and biking. Here’s a photo. You should go.

5) I’m home now, and back to real world. Which is pretty nice, too. A little baseball (Mr. E) this weekend, and Colonel Mustard is at this moment attempting to make his own taffy. Without a recipe. And I’m not sure he’s ever actually eaten taffy. Mmmm.