New Book Events, Lots of Sweat, and Fireworks: Friday Five

Lots of fun little book news this week. And IT WAS REALLY HOT HERE IN WISCONSIN. Last night it finally cooled off, which I feel like is really the event of the week. Even our dog perked up.

1) Anyway, this past week, I finalized some upcoming book events. Brian Lies and I will be at the Sheboygan Children’s Book Festival (in Sheboygan, WI) October 12-14 and at the Wisconsin Book Festival in Madison Book festival November 7-11. (Note: the dates are for the festivals, we won’t be there for allof the days.) And, I’ll be heading to Pasadena, TX for the Tweens Read Book Festival on October 20! Super excited for all of those, especially the other book creators I’ll get to meet!

2) A fun envelope arrived in the mail–my book jacket! Did I say already that it has FOIL for the title?

3) I also got a letter from DR. KATE’s publishers. They are starting to create ebooks of their titles, so eventually there will be a DR. KATE for people’s ereaders. I have no idea what this means for me regarding royalties, though–I sold that book in 2005. Digital rights weren’t really an issue then. I’ll have to dig out that contract.

4) Our Fourth was delightful. Too hot to grill out (our tradition), so I put the brats in the slow cooker. Still yummy. Then we had red, white, and blue ice cream sundaes (blueberries, strawberries, home-made vanilla ice cream), watched our neighbors re-enact a war zone on our street, and headed down to Phoenix Park to watch the city’s fireworks with my parents. <–and there were NO mosquitoes!

5) And finally, this article in the NY Times on busy-ness spoke to me. I’m guilty of always complaining about how busy I am. Worse, I often feel like I’m running around like crazy, but not really accomplishing much. This summer, I’m trying hard to not multitask and to limit my online time. It’s….kind of working. Anyway, “The Busy Trap,” by Tim Kreider.