ARC Giveaway, Sleepaway Camp, and Wallpaper from Heck: Highlights of my Week

1) Colonel Mustard headed off to camp all by himself (well, we drove him, of course, but he’s there without his brother) this week. How’d he get so big? And why didn’t he want to give me a second hug as we left?

2) That means Mr. E was home with Don and me. We’ve long planned that while C’s gone we’d redo E’s room. As in new flooring (he has an ancient carpet and for allergy reasons needs a hard floor), a new ceiling fan/light, and painting his walls. Well, painting his walls means removing wallpaper. Folks, for the sake of future humanity, NEVER WALLPAPER THE ROOMS IN YOUR HOUSE. There were 3 (!) layers we had to remove. Or, should I say, are removing. Because it’s not done yet.

3) Shhh. I think I started something new this week. Two things, really. And neither one is the sorry, half-finished thing I’ve been deliberating over for so long. Which is probably good, because I’m really excited about both new projects.

4) My running partner (and good friend) got me out on my road bike this week. SO FUN. I hereby declare summer Tuesdays to be biking days.

5) And finally, I am giving away a MALCOLM AT MIDNIGHT arc over on Project Mayhem! You can enter here: Even if you don’t want to read the story, trust me, you’ll want to see Brian Lies’ illustrations.