Friday Five: a Week of Baseball, BEA, LDOS…and More

The fact that this Friday Five is being posted on a Sunday night is indicative of the week I just had. Oof. Some good. Some bad. A lot of stress.

Let’s start with the good.

  1. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may have heard…MY BOOK WAS AT BOOK EXPO AMERICA THIS WEEK. Here’s a rundown of links about it.
  2. This week included the last day of school (or, as it’s referred to on our family calendar, LDOS). Always bittersweet. Summer (FDOS) starts Wednesday, once I finish inventory in my library.
  3. Both boys were in baseball tournaments this week. The same tournament, you ask? Why, no! That would be too convenient. Instead, we had six baseball games on five different days, which culminated with one boy playing for last place (they tied–mercifully!) and the other playing in the championship game for his league (they won!).
  4. And finally, D was in a car accident last Friday. He’s fine; the car is not. So, in between baseball games, retirement and end-of-the year staff parties, voting, and obsessive following of BEA events online, were many lengthy phone conversations with the police, insurance agents, and car rental companies.

Whew! Here’s to a calmer week this week!