Marvelous Middle Grade Monday: FANGBONE: THIRD GRADE BARBARIAN by Michael Rex

Received this as an ARC and before I could even get a good look at it, my own household fourth grader (Colonel Mustard) gobbled it up in one sitting. That’s always a good endorsement, since Colonel Mustard very rarely actually sits. Even at the dinner table! But that’s another post, perhaps . . . :-)

Fangbone’s an under-appreciated/overlooked warrior from Skullbania, who, in guarding the evil toe of Drool from Drool’s henchmen who are trying to put the villain back together, ends up in a contemporary special ed classroom. Much funniness ensues.

A teensy, wee bit of me wishes that the “third grade” part was not so obvious in this book, but I’m hopeful that the rest–jokes about fur underwear and hound-snakes!–will be enough of a draw for my students in the higher graders. After all, it definitely was for Colonel Mustard.