February Trifecta*

Yesterday was a really good day. Things started out fun and kept getting better. First, it was Leap Day. Remember when you were a kid and you first found out about Leap Day? I do. It was such a crazy idea. So, who doesn’t like Leap Day?

Second, we had a SNOW DAY. For those of you in warmer climates who don’t get to experience snow days, I’m sorry.  Snow days are the Best Days Ever. Better even, dare I say, than Christmas or birthdays, because you expect those. You never know when you’ll get a snow day. You could go years without one. Or you could wake up one morning, the world extra quiet, and you flip on your computer and you find out you are not going anywhere and there are no expectations for you. No school. No work. No errands. Nothing. A day to stay in your pajamas and drink cocoa and read books and play in the snow. Or possibly, surf the internet, which is how I discovered . . .

Third, the cover to MALCOLM AT MIDNIGHT showed up on Amazon! Which means I can share it! So, here it is below, in all its dazzly glim. Brian Lies, the illustrator  for the book, is the creator. I love how he  incorporated so many elements from the story (I was one of those kid readers who HATED when book covers didn’t match the story), while capturing the mood of the book at the same time.


Now, if I’m really lucky, I won’t have to wait another four years before the second and third of these occur again!

*There was also freshly-baked banana bread. With walnuts. But I didn’t want to make you too jealous.

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