Dazzly Glim

I recently received my first pages in the mail of MALCOLM. This is the manuscript printed out on regular 8 1/2 x 11 paper, but formatted as it will look in book form. That means I now know fun things that probably would only delight me. The trim size. How many pages it will be (256!). What fonts and spacing will be used. But most exciting of all (and I do believe this will delight more than just me when the book comes out)–finally seeing ALL of the illustrations and where they’ll be placed with the text. McKenna School’s alive, outside my head!

To top it off, I’ve gotten some peeks at the cover art. It’s still being tweaked, but I was told that the title lettering will have foil. FOIL. Or as Clyde from the book would say, “dazzly glim.” It’s been a long, secret dream of mine to not only have a book published, but to have one with a shiny cover. I can’t wait to touch it in person.