“Sometimes the things that “terrify” you are the things that are the most rewarding.”

My baby brother got married this weekend. It was beautiful and a ton of fun. A rush of relatives, bouquets, and happy tears. All four of us were in the wedding, so there was lots to do. My youngest, who is on the shy side (like me), was the ring bearer. Before the ceremony, he was, in his words, “terrified.” Of course, he wasn’t really (he (like me) uses a lot of hyperbole). He was, however, definitely nervous. Several times he made comments that he REALLY didn’t want to walk down the aisle and carry the rings. If it was up to him, he totally would have bailed. Of course, that wasn’t an option, and walk down the aisle he did, doing a wonderful job and not looking nervous in the least.

The next day, I asked him what was his favorite part of the wedding, and guess what it was?


“Being the ring bearer.”

“See?” I said. “Sometimes the things that “terrify” you are the things that are the most rewarding.”

Which made me pause. As I’ve mentioned, Youngest and I are a lot alike socially. I tend to duck out of things if the spotlight gets too near me. And lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’m going to promote my first novel, MALCOLM AT MIDNIGHT. The whole idea of it makes me squirm. But I do think what I told Youngest is true. So I’m going to try to get through being “terrified,” so that I don’t end up feeling regretful–which, I didn’t share with Youngest, but I know from experience, is how you feel when you don’t stretch yourself to try something that you know you should have.

A longer post to come on my thoughts on book promotion.