The Great Summer Reading Challenge

Yes, it's me. All Knuffle Bunnied up.

So, summer vacation is finally here for me! I finished inventorying (is that a word?) all 20,000+ items in my library yesterday. Luckily, I had lots of excellent help!

Summer is writing season for me. It’s also reading season. And this summer I’ve thrown down the gauntlet with my fourth and fifth graders. We’re in a race to see who can read the most pages by the first day of school, September 1. Any student who can beat my total wins UNLIMITED BOOK CHECKOUT for the entire school year. Yes, the right to check out as many books as they want. For the entire school year. I’m keeping track of my reading on a blog. They can check it for my totals or for reading suggestions.

You would not believe how excited they are about this. I’ve run into kids at baseball games and the playground and the grocery store. I’ve overheard parents talking about it at swimming lessons. My challenge is posted on refrigerators all over our neighborhood. The kids are gunning for me–and I love it! Because, of course, though I talk tough, I hope I’ll get beat. (And I know I will. I have some HUGE readers on board.) After all, as I tell my students, the very best way to be ready for 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, etc., is to read, read, read over break!

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So, what are YOU reading this summer?