Osprey Encounters

Osprey - Free as a bird one minute... by pheanix300.Do you know what an osprey is? They’re birds of prey, like eagles, only a little smaller. (Ospreys hunt in our Follow That Food Chain: A Temperate Forest book.) When the pesticide DDT almost wiped out the bald eagles, it also devastated the osprey population. They’ve been endangered in Wisconsin–but no more! Their numbers have grown so that yesterday they were taken off the state endangered species list.

I’m lucky; I’ve grown up watching ospreys (and bald eagles) diving for fish on our lake up north. But my favorite osprey moments have to be at our town’s local ballpark. For the last few years, a pair of ospreys have built a nest in the lights–and the roar of the crowds, the brat smoke, the lights, even that goofy announcer and his keyboard don’t seem to bother them one bit. Can you see them in this picture Mr. E took last summer?


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