Fast Five: Read Alouds about…Chickens!

I think I mentioned that I’ve started reviewing picture books for Booklist. One of the things I need to include in each review are 2-3 similar titles–so Booklist can link to their other reviews. I love this idea–I’m always Googling for read aloud titles on odd subjects. So, with my Booklist editor’s okay, I’ll start posting some read aloud/read alike mini-lists with my Booklist books as jumping off points.

First up, chickens!

Looking for read alouds about chickens? Here are five great ones:

Higgledy Piggledy Chicks (available 1/26/10) by Barbara Joosse  and Rick Chrustowski (illustrator) (extra yay for Wisconsin authors and illustrators!).
Banty Hen has her hands full keeping her seven chicks safe from the barnyard dangers.

The Chicken of the Family by Mary Amato and Delphine Durand (illustrator).
A girl is called “chicken” one time too many by her mean older sisters.

The Chicken-Chasing Queen of Lamar County by Janice N. Harrington and Shelley Jackson. Miss Hen always manages to escape, despite the best effort of the main character.

Chicks and Chickens by Gail Gibbons.
Just the facts about chickens in this nonfiction book.

Peep! A Little Book About Taking a Leap by Maria van Lieshout.
Will Peep make the leap off the curb to follow his siblings?

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