Friday Five

1. I’ve returned to LJ. (Some of you may remember me as the Livejournaler rhwojahn.) I abandoned all extraneous writing 3 years ago under the pressure of a new job and a school/library series to write. The series is done now. And I’m settled in my job. So I’m back—I really missed the writerly connections that happen over there. So now my posts here will also show up there.

2. I got new running shoes. They’re the exact model and brand of my last two pair. But they only come in black now. I’m not totally sold on the color–I’ve never in my life had black running shoes. It seems wrong. What do you think?


3.  THIS should not be happening here on October 23. I want my sunny autumn days!

4. I picked up Donuthead by Sue Stauffacher Wednesday to read while staying home with Mr. E. It’s hilarious. And I can’t help but imagine how horrified Franklin Delano Donuthead would be with all the sniffles and hacks I’ve dodged this week at work.

5. Tonight we’re off to visit Aunt Ruby and the Ghost Trolley in Minneapolis! (Doesn’t Aunt Ruby and the Ghost Trolley sound like a good middle grade novel title?)

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