Trading Books for Bathrooms

I have a new gig. I’ve started reviewing for Booklist. Yes, I’ll be getting sneak peeks at new picture books! But what I’m really, REALLY excited about is that Booklist is going to be cleaning my bathrooms!

Huh, you say? Well, stick with me here….a while back I banned myself from all other kinds of writing except middle grade fiction so I could actually have time to write middle grade fiction. And then I publicly declared it–well, in front of Husband, anyway. So when this Booklist opportunity came up, he–in a chivalrous efforts to protect my writing time from myself–pointed out that writing reviews really wasn’t my Writing Goal. I said: yes, but!–how about if I take the money from the reviews to hire a house cleaner? In the amount of time I spent each week scouring toilet bowls (we have way too many. And way too many boys with bad aim. And somehow, I always get stuck doing them. <–I could do another whole post on THAT), I could instead be writing reviews. No Writing Goal time lost!

Isn’t this a brilliant plan? Especially because right now, my bathrooms rival any I saw and used in China. Ew.

(photo from Flickr creative commons–admiller)