Hey! Yay! SCBWI WIP Grant

Well, today began with a full-body sidewalk sprawl on my morning run, but it ended up with a call telling me that I’m the runner-up for the SCBWI General Work-in-Progress grant! For MALCOLM AT MIDNIGHT!

Aside from being delighted overall, I’m encouraged that it was for this story. I’ve been describing it as a humorous middle grade murder mystery starring classroom pets at midnight, but the truth is, no one else has read it yet and I really wasn’t sure what others would make of it. MALCOLM’s a little bit…unusual. A mixture of kids’ writer “no-no’s” and old-fashioned middle grade: Talking animals. School hijinks. Some second person point of view. A mystery. Silliness. Complete with…footnotes.

When I told Colonel Mustard, he was just as excited as I was. MALCOLM’s been our bedtime story for…well, a really very long time, according to him. Now I guess I need to finish it up. And, furthermore, I think I deserve the day off from running tomorrow!

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