Easy-Peasy Book Trailers

So what else can you do with Animoto, my new hobby?

Authors–how about using it as a book trailer? Here’s one I pulled together for my Follow That Food Chain series from Lerner. 

Make your own slideshow at Animoto.

Granted, it’s not as flashy as some and I didn’t have complete creative control over it.  If I had my life-long-dream book coming out from a big publisher, I’d probably do something a little fancier. But–on the other hand? This was scary easy to do. And it was free. So for my little school/library series, this works just fine.

How To

Animoto walks you through making a video in just three steps. Well, four, if you count going to their site and logging in.

1.  Images

I searched for Creative Commons licensed photos in Flickr and uploaded them to a new video in Animoto. You can also upload your own. (Having not been to Borneo, sadly, my collection was lacking.) The librarian in me reminds you to note the photos’ sources for later credit in the video.

I also added some text slides.

2.  Music

I picked music from Animoto’s free tunes. Again, you can also upload your own. Again, librarian-me says makes sure your sources are legal and that you credit them.

3.  Finalize Your Video

Add your description and your credits here. Let the rendering process begin.

Animoto analyzes the music and the photos and matches them up with tempo and transitions, so you don’t have to worry about that. So voila! It’s done.

Want Something a Notch Above This?

Courtney Summers wrote a great guest post on Danette Haworth’s blog on how she used Movie Maker to make her book trailer (heck, that’s where I first learned about the Flickr Creative Commons licensing!).

Really Gung-ho Over Book Trailers?

Read this post by Darcy Pattison. It’ll probably take you three days, but everything you could ever want to know–well, it’s all there. It’s amazing.

8 Comments for “Easy-Peasy Book Trailers”


Hi Becky,

I saw your post on Verla’s, but didn’t know it was you. Then, as I was watching the cool trailer I was like… this seems a lot like Becky’s book. Still didn’t make the connection until I saw the title. Ha! Great job!


Hey Kami!! Glad to know my book was recognizable at least!

Also, I’ve been feeling guilty–I don’t think I’ve congratulated you on the agent!




Could you give us a tip on making text slides?


Well, I can let you know how I did it–can’t guarantee it’s the most efficient/best way. :-)

To add text after you’ve uploaded your photos, click on the square with the “T” in it at the bottom. It seems to always insert a new text slide as the first one, but you can drag it to wherever you’d like in your slideshow.

To edit it, double-click on text slide in the slideshow. The right side menu changes and gives you two places where you can type. It’s a little like Twitter–you only have so many characters to use. So you have to think in phrases and tiny bits of information.

Hope that helps!




Cool! I have tons of photos, but the music is the trickier part. If they have music on hand, that really helps!


I know. The music’s the hard part for me, too. There are just so many choices, I don’t know where to begin…