If You Give Three Boys $100 in a Bookstore…


This is what they’ll walk out with. Or at least the three boys I took to the bookstore to spend a $120 gift card for my school library. They debated so seriously about what to get and were so excited to eventually see them on the shelves! In fact, we had so much fun and talked so much book smack, I’m thinking about how I can make this a regular outing–maybe a different group of kids every six weeks or so. (Of course, I take recommendations for purchases for the library, but, as we all know, there’s just something about holding that book in your hand, reading the flap copy, and feeling the glossy stiffness under your fingertips. I know I have some students who’ve never gotten to do that. And how powerful for them to take some ownership in their library.) There’s just that darn transportation legalese….hmmm.

Extra Bonus Challenge Question

Can you pick out the one book I–the only female–tossed into the mix?