Reading RULES!

Reading RULESBig congrats out to all the ALA Award winners. And an extra special heartfelt one for [info]cynthialord and her Newbery Honor and Schneider Award-winning RULES.

Here’s why: for the last few weeks, a fifth grade teacher and I have been team-teaching a literature unit using RULES. The kids have been reading and blogging about the book–and  making so many meaningful connections to the story and each other. Then Cindy jumped into our discussions, too, and the kids were thrilled to “talk” to a real, live author. She has been so generous with her time.

And now, this. They bubbled over with excitement when they learned that the author who just wrote to them personally on Friday won for the very book they were reading! (They did a Newbery unit earlier in the year, so they knew exactly what it meant.) It even stunned them into silence for a few seconds.

I’m just as delighted, too. Aside from the obvious, this unit was done as part of a technology collaboration grant. On Thursday, those of us who participated in the grant are presenting our projects. How fun will it be to tell a room full of librarians what book our unit was based on?