Series Sells to Lerner

My husband and I just accepted an offer from Lerner for our nonfiction LAST NIGHT FOR DINNER series–12 books!

The series is an interactive, nonlinear look at food chains in different habitats. Remember those CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE books? (Ooo–and now I see they’re being updated and reissued!) Well, in our series, readers pick an animal, learn a little bit about it, then get to choose what it eats. Then they flip to that page and read about the next creature and its choices, and so on, on through the food chain. Of course, there are all sorts of routes through the books and lots of dead ends.

We’re extra thrilled because the story idea came from our own kids’ endless questions (“And what do they eat, Mommy?”). Of course, now we have to actually sit down and find out the answers to all these questions.

Hmmm…20-24 animals per book, times 12 books…YIKES, that’s quite an ark-ful!